I am making a personal, and desperate, plea to you. I also intend it to be an encouragement, if you will receive it. We are mishandling a gift so reprehensibly that the only possible outcome is a complete devolution of human life as we know it, and what we are now in fact seeing!

Most of us reading this have been handed a very special gift. A gift that represents a symbiotic connection with God Almighty and ourselves. A collaborative effort between God and ourselves on the most personal level possible. Without this collaboration life itself would not exist. Every single person ever born, or will be born, is a direct result of this relationship between God and man!

If you are a parent then you have been handed a life, or better, lives. These lives can be molded and guided by us personally, and for whatever purposes, we deem fit. But it is the outcome of that molding that determines their personal future and their impact on all people they interact with.

The act of procreation, without perversion and pure in form, is the creation of a living human being, made in the likeness of God, spiritually, and the likeness of the parents, physically. It is the union of the biological body and the spirit that forms mankind into the uniqueness of its being. The moment we procreate on a biological level, when sperm and egg unite into a unique person, God breathes into it the life force of the soul and its essence, the spirit.

All people have been known by God before the creation of the world, and their essence held in reserve for that special moment between a man and woman, their parents. In this act of co-creation between God and man an important event has taken place. The Bible tells us that the purpose for marriage is the raising of Godly offspring. We have taken part in an event that has birthed into the world the image of God, wholesome and pure. In this state of innocence the infant, is as yet, uninfluenced by the corruption of sin transferred in his flesh by the parents, handed down generation after generation since Adam and Eve. It does not comprehend anything let alone right from wrong, good from evil. It is pure, unadulterated and waiting for the parents to begin molding and guiding it into the Godly offspring that pleases God, our creator.

If you are a parent, the greatest thing you will EVER accomplish with the life God gave you is your child! Second only to a restored relationship with God for your own life, is the raising of a child into its own personal relationship with its creator. God wants a life of purity for the person He and the parents created, meaning all of us. Only when we get that right can we guide the child into a righteous life, into Godliness. Your greatest accomplishment will require your greatest effort, and faith that moves mountains! You are not alone, God is there to see you through all of it.

This is why it is so important in the Bible, particularly as depicted among the Hebrews, to be able to have children. To be married and without child was seen as a curse, as God’s refusal to breathe life into the biological union of the parents. They understood the importance of a child in God’s eyes and looked forward to joining Him in the creation of a new life.

But what about those who are childless, whether by intent or otherwise? The Bible actually tells us that it is better to be unmarried than to be married. If you are in the correct relationship with God, unmarried or married, and childless then you are in the enviable position to devote your life, without distraction, to serving God and His Kingdom. There are so many ways to do this, because we are all so unique, just as God intended. If your heart is for children then consider lovingly becoming involved with children who lack a mother or father so that the child will receive the knowledge and love of God, and a proper balance of masculine and feminine understanding, and their powerful importance. So many children now live without God’s love present in their family, or worse, a lack of family, that you will have no problem finding children to help, guide and love.

For you who have, or are considering, destroying the life that God has created inside of you, please prayerfully ask yourself this question, “How better can a woman live her life than the raising of a Godly person?” God’s ways are often hard to understand from our comparatively minuscule perspective. Trusting Him is where the questions are answered and wisdom gained!

In the raising of this child, this most monumental purpose for our lives, let us not hand the responsibility to others. The blessing was handed to us, to place that blessing with others is to despise God’s gift to us. Do not let the world raise what belongs to God and you. Instead submit to God’s will so that you and God can raise the child together. Education is one of the primary responsibilities of the parents. Public and most private schools, and classmates, will re-create your child from the image of God into the image of the world, fallen and destined for destruction.

Be careful, there is a fine balance between protective and isolation. The child needs to be cautiously exposed to what the world really is as part of their education, but the world should not be allowed to define what the child sees, the parent should be the guide, living shoulder to shoulder, carefully explaining to the child God’s perspective of the world, while living what we teach before them. Through all of it you also will be growing and maturing. Being a Godly offspring never ends for believers! As they grow they will be properly prepared to fend off the efforts of the world to woo and pervert them, making them sons and daughters of hell, just as they are. Misery truly does love company.

But, you say, it’s too late for me, my children are grown and already walk in the ways of the world, what can I possibly do? It is never too late while we have each other in this life. A parent who has earnestly changed to a life of humble righteousness will be noticed by their children. Talk with them, rebuild relationships on the firm foundation of Christ and His kingdom. In this way, like you, they may desire to seek out the truth, and in kind be saved out of what is lost.

One personal note: I have raised children to adulthood. At the risk of sounding like most parents bragging-up their kids, they have exceeded my expectations, which I set comparatively high. They are truly wise servants of God! My secret? I had no idea how to raise children when the first one came along, so I turned to the only place I trusted, the source. I decided that the Bible was the perfect parental instruction book, and it sets forth the example we are to follow. Our heavenly Father raises up those who are His, I would copy His parenting of me in order to parent my children. I couldn’t be more proud of them as a co-parent with God!

From Outside Babylon