Welcome to the last days, as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures. Yes, it is the last days, you know it is if you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. He has been giving you that uneasy feeling that things are radically wrong, and that events are beginning to line up with Bible prophecy.

The prophet Isaiah told us that in these days that our children would rebel against their parents and that women would rule over us. Today we shrug our shoulders about our children and probably support women in the role of men. If this is true then you are in danger of the promised last days powerful delusion God has sent over the world so that people would believe lies and embrace wickedness at the expense of the truth.

The lives of most people are changed in powerful ways due to the proclaimed pandemic of COVID19. Under this proclamation the world is declared by worldly powers to be undergoing a global “reset”. The world is moving quickly towards a global world government. This global government will be run by non-other than the prophesied man of lawlessness, the antichrist.

With this global reset comes a new world economic system that under the auspices of a medical emergency will be brought to bear upon the lives of every single person on earth via a global vaccination/identification program. In short we are being ushered into a system in which you will take this identification/proof of vaccination, the mark of the beast, or you will not be able to buy or sell. COVID = Confirmation Of Vaccination IDentification.

The Lord Jesus Christ commanded everyone to watch for the coming of the last days, to watch for the prophetic signs that would warn believers of what would come upon them during the end-times. Knowing these signs provides us with “mile-markers” that help us navigate these treacherous times.

Many times over the last 2000-years people have thought the last days were upon us while pointing to huge historically changing events. Understandably such events should alarm us, and rightly so have people said we should consider such events in a prophetic framework. It showed that the hearts and minds of such people were looking for their Savior to come. We now live in another history changing time, but this time all the prophecies are able to be fulfilled and what’s more they are being fulfilled.

The world can and will use everything you value in your life as leverage to force your compliance. You must obey Jesus’ command to get rid of everything and follow Him if you want to make it through these days and enter His kingdom with rejoicing.

Come out of the world system, do what you can to put aside food and survival items, but most importantly do nothing apart from faith. The time is short and the end is coming like a flood, just as our King said it would.

From Outside Babylon.