Donald Trump, former president of the United States of America, to others, still president. To nearly half of the USA he is nearly the Antichrist himself, while the other half sees him, just as nearly, the Messiah.

Who is this man? The answer: it doesn’t matter much. The question, more appropriately, is “what” is this man, or what does he represent? On the surface, his supporters see him as a form of savior of whatever America means in their delusional minds. Oh, don’t get bent out of shape just yet Trump supporter. Trump’s opponents are just as delusional in their seeing him as everything that is wrong with America.

Delusional thinking is where a person, or a collective of people, believe a lie, or lies, as if they were the truth. If you really want to know what Trump really is you have to break out of your delusion that he is some form of Savior or Antichrist.

To see past your delusion you only need to realize that you were close in seeing him as a savior or antichrist. But we must realize that it is the powers behind the scene, kingdoms vying for control, that have generated these images. Man is always looking for a savior, someone who will come along and fix the calamities of our time. One who will protect and provide for us, and bring us peace. You might say we are kind of hardwired for it.

The opposing kingdoms, that of Jesus, and that of Satan, have furnished you with what you seek. But one is a charlatan, the other true and pure. One is able to deliver on his promises, the other is adept at creating the image of promises delivered.

Most adults understand the basic good cop, bad cop routine. In the routine you have two law enforcement people trying to extract information from an individual. One plays friend, patient, kind and supportive. The other is tough, hard-line and threatening. When it works the individual will divulge the sought after info to one or the other. Trump played everyone. He enveloped both the good and bad cop characters. His supporters were won over by the benevolent man who promised to make America great again. His opponents were reviled by what they perceived, or what was perceived for them, as a callous lout, out to bludgeon the little guy, such as minorities, into place.

That is what “they” wanted you to see. In reality Trump is a Marxist Capitalist. If you argue against such a construct then take another look at China. The “public and private partnership” promoted by Biden and the Marxist Democrats is a simplistic, but appropriate description also of China. Trump was able to convince, and still convinces many, that he stood for traditional American values. In reality he handed the right over to the left, and accomplished more to set the stage for the great “reset” into Marxism than any single other president of any party. One example is the nearly seamless transition of the right from a moral position against open homosexuality in the culture to one of complete acceptance. When Trump’s openly homosexual Ambassador to Germany was attacked for his homosexuality (probably a set-up) Trump came charging in on his white horse and not only saved his ambassador, but his lifestyle as well. Overnight the talking heads on the right not only accepted homosexual conservatives, but viciously attacked anyone who stated otherwise.

Speaking of talking heads on the right. They are nearly totally complicit in the transformation of the right into a moderate left ideology. Which is why they never really experience any real threat from the Marxist media, except in their own heads. The undisputed king of right talkers, the late Rush Limbaugh, was the chief in charge of your re-education. His greatest victory, one he was honored for with an award by Trump before Congress, was to collectivize the mindset of the right. He was able to homogenize the entire world view of conservatives into one set of talking points and beliefs. He was so good that he was able to destroy your ability to think independently, while exhorting you do so. There are other talkers doing similar damage even now as they help condition you for the New World Order, but Rush set the standard behind his golden EIB microphone.

So, while playing good cop Trump won over the right and simultaneously set the foundation for a complete takeover of America. It was Trump who locked down America. It was Trump who pushed a vaccine on us as the answer to a simple cold virus, and so on. Acting as the bad cop Trump, with the help of the media and the recognized left, he pulled off what will ultimately be seen as the death of whatever was left of conservative and foundational principles, what was considered American.

On one hand Trump was promoted by the pseudo-conservative talkers as the man of the hour. A grassroots man of the people. A man the establishment right and left together hated. On the other hand Trump is, and ultimately will be seen as, a scapegoat, similar in idea to the scapegoat in the Old Testament. Trump will represent the “sins” of all that is wrong with the old broken system. The scapegoat will be sent away from the people into the figurative “wilderness” of history.

Everything that remains of a true American conservative nature, and thus an impediment to the advance of the New World Order will be associated with Trump. Christianity, patriotism, capitalism, pro-life, reverence for the founding fathers and documents, like the Constitution, in other words everything “right”, whether Trump was a party to it or not, will be seen as a vile sickness and the main obstacle in the great revolution of the progress of mankind.

Your political parties are united in the march of progress. In the end they are one party. Trump has treacherously handed over whatever was left of America to her enemies, and he did so very impressively, since he was able, with the help of the entire political spectrum, to help set the stage for a coup against the Constitution and its adherents, all the while they cheered him on as he pretended to be its staunchest defender. Ahh politicians, when will we ever learn?

Trump is not an American Messiah. His mission was to finish what had been started many decades ago. Nor is he the Antichrist, for that man of intrigue will play on a stage far greater and more ruthlessly. Still, Trump is an antichrist, but not “thee” Antichrist. To associate or support Trump now, or in the past, is an extremely dangerous position to be in a “cancel-culture” just beginning to find its teeth! For a true Christian it should not be a reality since we are a-political, not even citizens of these countries. Our citizenship is in heaven.

If you are on the left you must realize that you have been duped into hating a man back then for what were essentially fabricated personality quirks, but now for what he represents. You are being conditioned by the narrative, just like your brothers and sisters on the right have been. It is a strategy of divide and conquer, America is going down, the great prostitute will go down, but what will arise from her ashes will be far darker than man has ever known. The entirety of your reality is a man made construct, yes, with a remote similarity to the Matrix. To my fellow believers: come out of Babylon before it is too late!

From Outside Babylon