The longer you wait, the harder it it will be! It is likely that by now we have all heard of the “frogs in a pot of water” analogy, you know, where the frogs start out enjoying comfortably warm water, and then the pot is placed over a fire and the water temperature begins to increase.

The frogs don’t mind, it feels good. As the water becomes a little less comfortable the frogs just adapt to it. Eventually the water reaches a temperature where the frogs become increasingly placid and lethargic, no longer caring one way or the other, and unable to adapt further, they succumb to cooking in the pot, and die.

Humans are like frogs, we won’t jump out of the cauldron, because we see our adaptability only as a strength, while ignoring the incumbent weaknesses also associated with it. The temperature is now at the point in our world where you have very little time to make your decision as to whether you stay in and cook, or jump out to freedom. Many have already reached the point of placid lethargy.

Jesus told us that he who tries to save his life will lose it. He, out of love for us, warned us about today, right now, this moment in time. You who haven’t jumped, are waiting because you don’t want to let go of your perceived comfort, or in other words, you are choosing your comfort over your freedom, and in the end you will lose both.

You are paralyzed by fear, fear of the unknown, fear of hunger and want, fear of the government, or your neighbor, fear of being “canceled”. Oh you of little faith, did not the Savior of the World promise that if you stopped focusing on these things and instead zeroed-in your desires on His kingdom, that He would take care of these things?

Every day you wait will make it harder to leave their mess, and as long as you stay it is your mess too. They tirelessly work to bring about your subjugation, and they do not hide it. They are spelling out exactly what they are doing, but you can’t hear them. You have ‘capitalist ears’. You are trying to interpret communism through a capitalist mindset. The results are confusing, a dead end! The average person is under the impression that what is happening is just a political pendulum swing toward some socialist programs that can be rectified or tweaked in the next elections. WHAT ELECTIONS? IF there are any more elections they will be anything, but fair and just. “They” own all the institutions. “They” are transforming the entire operational apparatus of the system, and what they can’t “legislate” they just go ahead and do anyway, AND NOTHING STANDS IN THEIR WAY! This is permanent and one-way. This is what the road to Hell looks like!

If you are against what is going on, but still trying to save your life, you’ve lost. If you are for it, or on the fence, you’ve lost. Don’t turn to the talking heads on the left or the right, they all work for the same system. In fact, there is not a single person allowed on the airwaves in the mainstream media, or fake resistance media, that aren’t helping this come about. Do you really think Hannity, Beck, the junior Limbaughs, and others are your friends? Yes, they sound better than the boot-lickers on the so-called “Left”, but that is because they have a different job to do. Their job is to confuse you, to sound like “conservatives”, but lead you to wrong conclusions. They work to derail and hamper any resistance that may form. They co-opt the narrative, and offer leadership that results in nothing more than the equivalent of a bunch of old women in a bitch fest! They are conditioning the so-called “Right” with a psych-ops campaign designed to make you ineffectual and controllable as they slowly assimilate you into the collective. They are destroying your hope! For example, notice how not one of them offers ANY other options to the communist revolution than to vote NEXT YEAR and go to school board meetings? Listen to them all on any given day and it sounds like they are all working from the same memo, that is because they are. Notice that they use revolution terminology, cry persecution from the Left and channel the Founding Fathers, and yet to the man (and woman) they vilify any person considering taking up arms against tyranny, a tyranny they admit is clearly entrenched and growing! They contradict the very actions of the people they hold up as heroes. They do not want you to repeat the last American Revolution. Your “friends” are tying your hands.

Let me be clear: I did not just advocate a violent uprising. As I have written elsewhere, if you have not left the system and sworn loyalty to King Jesus, then your only recourse will be violence, that is the very unfortunate fallen nature of man without God. Yes, the Founding Fathers of the USA claimed to be Christians, but their actions followed the doctrines of man, not the Word of God. For the Christian, violence is not an option, the commandment you shall not kill wasn’t nullified by Jesus. Instead He told us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you. This is not our fight, the battle is the Lord’s!

The Christian doesn't stick with the system, he already has a master, and God is a jealous god, that is why He tells us to choose whom we will serve. Time to abandon a ship you should have left long ago. We are not leaving like rats fleeing a sinking ship, but rather, because the rats are taking over the ship, and they don’t want us aboard unless we are loyal to them. “From the days of John the Baptist until the present, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people have been attacking it. Matthew 11:12

If you wait too much longer you’ll find that the worries and concerns of this life will weigh you down and you will be unable to leave, the heat of the water in the pot will incapacitate you. If that day comes for you, who will you blame? God’s hand is stretched out to you, will you take hold of it, or cook?

“…. people …. hear the word, but the worries of life, the deceitful pleasures of wealth, and the desires for other things come in and choke the word so that it can't produce a crop.” Mark 4:18-19

From Outside Babylon