Our human nature, our pride, abhors the idea that we would ever be considered a slave, servant or property of anyone. In the “Western” world this holds particularly true in our traditions, histories, customs and cultures. The nature of the flesh, and thus the world, is to cling onto myths at the expense of spiritual truth. But, as any true Christian knows, denial doesn’t negate the truth.

The truth: every single human being that ever was, is or will be, belongs, as in owned, to someone else. The Bible makes clear to Christians that they are not their own, they were bought at a price. ‘Not your own’ means someone else owns you. Bought at a price means that that someone was able to purchase you from somebody else – who owned you.

Christians understand that they were bought out of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, and the price was His sacrifice on the cross. Who owns the world? The Lord God Almighty, of course! Why then would God need to “buy” believers from Himself? The world is God’s, but Satan is the prince of this world. He is the tenant of God’s garden. It was customary in ancient times, as it is now, for the landlord to expect a share of what is produced on his lands. The problem is that the fruit was entirely claimed by the tenant because it was considered unworthy. But, the landlord saw that some of the fruit was worth keeping and chose to purchase it from the tenant’s claimed share.

Those who rebel against God’s kingdom are owned by Satan and considered unworthy of inheriting the kingdom. They, to their knowledge or not, do the work of Satan. Others willingly work for Satan. They worship him, and their efforts bring “glory” to Satan. They knowingly work against the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you consider yourself a citizen of a nation you acknowledge that nations have a say over your life. You expect that government to protect your interests, and in turn you help it protect the interests of other citizens. As a “patriot” of that nation you hold it most dear and would do for it whatever it requests/demands, things that you would not do for anyone else. You are expected to live by and uphold its laws, customs and traditions, and to defend it even unto death.

True Christians together are a nation and a holy priesthood. Their citizenship is in Heaven, and they are joyful subjects of their king, Jesus. They cannot also be subjects of worldly nations at the same time. To be so would be to divide their loyalty between two masters.

This is an impossible situation since both masters require absolute fealty and submission. You would be forced to love the one while hating the other, to serve the one while despising the other. No man can serve two masters.

A Christian who attempts to serve two masters will become like luke warm water, and can expect King Jesus to spew you out of His mouth, and outside His kingdom where their will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when He comes to take His rightful place over the world as its king.

From Outside Babylon.