There is available to every single person a soothing balm, free of charge, that takes the sting out of every ailment known to man.

It does not come in the guise of anything administered to the body via vaccination, oral ingestion or topical application. It doesn’t involve magic incantations, voodoo or psycho-babble. It can, and should be administered as often as possible, and be incorporated permanently into your daily regimen, just like eating, breathing and sleeping. There are no unwanted side affects, it is always available, and in infinite supply.

“If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” may come to mind, but then again so should, “If there’s nothing to lose, why not give it a try?” After all, hasn’t man always hungered for the seemingly elusive “cure-all”? The natural question begs, “What’s the catch?” Yes, dear reader, there is a catch. It must be administered only in the prescribed way or it will be rendered instantly useless.

The soothing balm I am referring to is “Thankfulness”. I know, some of you are thinking, “Oh no, he really overplayed this one!” I can assure you, I have actually understated the significant value “Thankfulness” could add to so many lives, and the human condition as a whole.

Remember that catch above about proper administration? If you are scoffing now at the power of “Thankfulness”, then you are one of the billions who have applied it incorrectly and thus derived little to no perceivable benefit. The reason why this happens is not so much because people do not know the correct administration of “Thankfulness” but because they REFUSE to do it properly!

In the United States, as in most other countries, they have a national day of thankfulness called “Thanksgiving”. I bring the reader’s attention to it not to make it the subject of this article, but as a demonstration of improper application. First of all, “Thanksgiving” should not be a once-a-year effort, it should be everyday – all day. Secondly, when so little practiced most people do not really have a grasp of what to be thankful for, so they use the shotgun approach in being thankful for everything, if they are thankful at all. Third, “everything” typically means whatever a person finds that meets his personal criteria for “good”, and is typically tied to his financial prosperity and all that comes with that, followed at a distance by “good” health and for family members, and maybe a friend or two.

There are several essential factors that release the life-changing power of “Thankfulness”. The first essential factor, is HUMILITY. No matter how powerful your acting ability in fooling others with “false humility” you will fail to activate “Thankfulness” with it. Real humility leads to sincerity. It must be the real thing, and there is only one way to get it. YOU must come to the understanding that YOU deserve nothing good in this life, that in fact, what you receive that is good is not deserved by you. Because of our rebellious tendencies toward God, our creator, justice would dictate that we deserve bad in our lives, and Hell’s fire. Harsh sounding, but essential and healing wisdom! Only when you arrive at this understanding do you see that we must be thankful not only for what we perceive to be good, but also what we perceive to be bad, knowing we deserve it and worse, but God has been merciful in withholding it. The World has been deceiving you! They teach us from early childhood, and it is repeated throughout our lives, that people are basically good. People are NOT basically good, The Creator says so! Such false beliefs rob “Thankfulness” of its power, and people of their understanding.

Secondly, and in keeping with humility, is the understanding that “Thankfulness” must be in real time, as in when the “event(s)” are unfolding in your life, not only when you receive what you don’t deserve (perceived “good”), but when you receive a small portion of what you actually do deserve.

Thirdly, and even harder for many than the first two, is who we thank. In many formerly “Christian” countries this was obvious, God, of course. But in these post-Christian days whom we thank is not so clear cut. The answer, like God, hasn’t changed, but people’s dispositions, and thus relationships, with God have. It is harder because our pride inhibits our ability to see the natural order of things, as the Bible says, the darkness has not understood the light. The single hardest thing to do is to be contrary to your pride, especially in a world that feeds your pride at the expense of your spirit.

When properly applied, “Thankfulness” indeed becomes a soothing balm, it opens our eyes to truth and the right order of life, it increases our mercy and compassion for others, it changes our attitude toward difficulty, it enables us to overcome what seemed like obstacles yesterday, but today are just the rocks in a stream we can flow gently around.

The natural order of things, I mentioned above, can be best understood from God’s Word, God gives grace to the humble, but He opposes the proud. Grace is defined as: undeserved favor. It is God removing what is deserved, and/or enabling us to handle it as the test He allows for the refining of our character. It is humility that brings grace, and it is grace that unlocks the balm of “Thankfulness”.

From Outside Babylon