To all whom it may concern: I and those associated with me are most definitely not “sovereign citizens”. I realize that due to the nature of propaganda I will in all likelihood be lumped into that sub-classification of the ever growing designation of “terrorist”. This will happen for lack of understanding as to what to do with someone who doesn’t fit in any of the boxes.

By the fluid (ever changing) definitions given by the FBI and other beacons of self-righteousness, a “sovereign citizen” (SC) is defined as the most dangerous terrorist known to the government. This is a rather insulting attempt to lodge a seed of contempt in the minds of the average person for people who covet freedom. I say insulting, not because I have suffered any sort of indignity, but rather because it assumes that the average person is actually dumb enough to believe that a smattering of freedom-minded individuals, with no basic creed or organization, would pose a greater threat than say a Jihad-bent Islamic terrorist.

Let us dare to take a step outside politically correct dogma for one moment and frankly identify something for what it is: A sovereign citizen, again I remind you that I am not one, is simply a person who does not want to be governed by anyone, they would prefer self-governance if you will. To this end they discard all forms of “permission” needed to conduct themselves in everyday life. For example, they discard social security numbers, driver licenses, registrations, bank accounts . . . all of the entrapments that most of us find as necessary to life as breathing. A sovereign citizen is by definition then their own sovereign … their own king. Understandably such a person has little regard for such competing interests over their lives as the government.

The appeal of such zealous devotion to freedom is drawing evermore of the disenchanted individuals who simply want to be left alone to live their lives. The possibility of greater freedom draws people from every segment of the population. This makes for quite an interesting variety of practitioners and a near impossibility as to how to accurately identify and categorize this “movement”, if it could actually be called that.

When one has a monopoly on power he is reluctant to share it, let alone tolerate those who espouse ideals that enable them to live outside of said power. We see this nature of control expressed by various levels of government. Their growing irritation at these people who refuse to be governed is defined in the use of the label “terrorist”.

Again, as stated above, I am not a sovereign citizen. I am a Christian. As such the most fundamental belief I hold dear is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What separates a true believer from the masses of delusional religious people is the meaning of that gospel and it's purpose. A pseudo-believer thinks the gospel is about the death of Jesus on the cross for our sins so that we can escape Hell and enter Heaven. It is true that the sacrifice of Jesus in our stead is obviously an important element of our faith, but it is a grievous error to suggest the pardoned believer goes to heaven as his reward, or that this is the main focus of the gospel. Again, important, but in reality just one component of the bigger picture of the gospel.

The gospel is about the Kingdom of Heaven (aka. Kingdom of God). More precisely it is about the coming of that kingdom, its authority, its king, who its loyal subjects are, how to become a loyal subject , what is expected of said subjects by their SOVEREIGN and what their reward is for their faithfulness. To be more concise, it is a real kingdom on earth, and when the king returns it becomes part of the eternal reward promised to the faithful subjects of the king.

I am a subject of a sovereign king, the SOVEREIGN LORD JESUS . . . the King of kings and Lord of lords! The Lord clearly claims His subjects when He says, “You are not your own, you were bought at a price”. This should make it clear that I am not a sovereign, but rather I serve a sovereign. My life is not about making decisions for myself, but to carryout the will of my sovereign, my king.

A true believer cannot be a sovereign citizen, because he knows all to well that to become such would be in effect to serve two masters . . . it cannot work. The reverse of this truth is no less true, a sovereign citizen cannot be a Christian because he already serves a sovereign, he serves himself.

Now, how do you suppose the worldly “government” and its enforcers could make such a mistake as to lump in a true subject of King Jesus with sovereign citizens? It is rather simple. Keep in mind that one cannot serve two masters. A sovereign citizen cannot serve both the requirements of human government and the requirements of self-governance. One will always suffer as the other is served, they are competing interests. This is no less true for a Christian. He must obey only his sovereign, King Jesus. To obey any other governance is to serve a master other than the one we have sworn our allegiance to. Hence, the “government” cannot abide by any power that would compete with it for loyalty. So, they see our similar acts as coming from a common worldly ideology. The acts are similar, but the purposes are diametrically opposed.

The path of the sovereign citizen (SC) only leads to a dead end. The SC uses man’s laws to argue and sustain his grasp of freedom. He has little power to coerce any government that insists his sovereignty is illegitimate. No matter how zealously he argues man’s laws based on perceived intent he only accomplishes a tighter noose around his neck, and that of others. The government of darkness is an ever evolving behemoth. It will interpret all law as its needs dictate, even contradicting itself to accomplish its goals. After all, this is about power and control. It established itself as the giver and taker of rights, authority belonging exclusively to the Creator himself. A SC argues against governmental authority by using the rules created by the government itself, as well as past governments and their evolution. This is futile and in vain.

A Christian lives by laws established by his creator, laws that come from the source itself. The Christian knows that his king will judge him not by man’s laws, but divine law, the only legitimate authority in the entire creation, both that which is seen an that which is unseen. For example: When pulled over by “law enforcement” a SC will defend his lack of license, registration and facsimile license plate as his rights as a sovereign. The government, also seeing itself as sovereign, will not consider rights derived from law from a single person or even a group of sovereigns that has not come from a higher authority, namely itself. The Christian in the same exact scenario has no such personal compulsions about personal rights, as “granted” by a man-made government. In fact he will not defend himself at all, but simply explain the lack of a state issued license, registration and tag as irrelevant since as a servant of King Jesus he is using the King’s highway on official business of the King. As such, the vehicle belongs to the King and is under His authority. Here, the government will attempt to circumvent the higher authority with its own inferior authority. Since the believer is a national of the Kingdom of God he is under no compulsion to follow inferior laws.

Naturally there is a high likelihood that both “adherents” will be arrested. In the governmental court-of-inferior-law the SC will again, in all likelihood, take up the defense of his sovereignty. He will refuse to acknowledge any authority the court claims over his “rights” and will then use the very same “laws” utilized by the court to try to argue against the injustice of his incarceration. Since the court is the upholder of its own laws it deems itself as having the final word on all things pertaining to it. The court applies color of law and coercion to the SC. It methodically erodes and destroys his defense by twisting any truths and intention the SC exposes in the law into something that is usually a clear adulteration of the intent.

The Christian, being brought before the exact same court will also disclaim any allegiance to the court or it's law in deference to his sovereign, just as the SC. He will not answer man’s court because he holds fast to the superiority of the true authority of heaven and His laws. The court’s tactics of law manipulation are useless against the Christian, whose only burden is to maintain loyalty to his sovereign. There is no matching of wits, no need to pour through legal codes, just unswerving allegiance to his savior, the King.

Both men may be thrown out of court, or they may continue in bondage. When all is fought out, and all is said and done, it comes down to which sovereign is truly the power of this world. The sentence has already been proclaimed for the government of this dark world, the wrath of the true Sovereign Lord will carry out justice against it. The SC, being his own sovereign, will not be able to prevail by the might or justice of his own sovereignty and so will suffer at the hands of man’s government with no hope of reprieve in this life, or the next. Freedom for him will ever diminish until even hope of it is but a delusional dream. The Christian on the other hand knows that his circumstance has a purpose in God’s will. Such faith is sufficient to turn bondage and oppression into yet more opportunity to become more like their King and less like themselves. They are serving something far greater than themselves. The knowledge of this brings peace. Only in the peace that the King gives can freedom triumph over darkness!

From Outside Babylon