“I've been to your radiation zones. If you want the truth, you'll find it there.”

The above line, paraphrased from the movie “Oblivion”, speaks volumes about the divide between those who see, and those who have yet to see. In the movie, a “perfect” human couple live lives of complete ignorance of the truth. They are focused on a cataclysmic event that has befallen Earth. They are doing their jobs as they prepare to leave an “uninhabitable”Earth for colonies established on Titan. The man goes out on dangerous missions each day to repair and maintain drones that guard the behemoth machines sucking up the oceans for transport to Titan. The woman is the flight controller for the man’s aircraft. Each day she ascends upstairs from their ultramodern, hi-tech abode to the control tower. Naturally, she is in a nice dress, high-heels, makeup and hairdo.

Their only source of information is the Tet, which just happens to be, unknown to them, the alien spacecraft that attacked, and conquered Earth. Their excuse for their amnesia regarding past events is the mandatory “memory wipe” said to have happened per regulations on the Tet. This memory wipe is to prevent the supposed conquered aliens, living subterranean on Earth, from accessing vital information should they be captured.

The problem is that they are actually brainwashed and controlled by the aliens to help the aliens rob the Earth of all her resources. Those depicted as the enemy aliens on Earth are actually the remaining free humans attempting to survive and defeat the alien invader. The section assigned by the Tet for the man’s drone management is defined by an imaginary “radiation zone” perimeter.

When the free humans capture the man they attempt to enlighten their prisoner with reality, and then they set him free, sending him off with a choice, “I've been to your radiation zones. If you want the truth, you'll find it there.” The man, naturally responding to brainwashing by the Tet that the the radiation zone would “fry you from the inside out”, doesn’t consider their advice. But, as fate would have it, circumstances force him into the radiation zone against his will, and indeed, he finds the truth that opens his eyes to the lie of the Tet.

This article isn’t really about the movie, but it does illustrate the main points well. Imagine for a moment that you could possibly be just like the “perfect” people in the movie, and nothing will convince you to think differently about the “truth” the world system is feeding you. What if they were concealing from you a master plan to take control of the planet and enslave you, and using you to help bring it about? Perhaps many of the alternative media and conspiracy theorists are being depicted, to steer you away from them, as “radiation zones”. Perhaps, like the woman in the movie who never wanted to hear about any truths her partner stumbled upon, or discuss anything that deviated from Tet policy, regulation and procedure, you likewise shut out everything that causes you discomfort about your secure, perfect, little life.

There are millions of humans who cherish freedom enough to accept discomfort to gain its realization. They have gone to the radiation zones and have had their eyes opened to truth. This is why the system is shutting down all dissent in social media, canceling all who deviate from the “official” narrative. “They” do not want you to wake up from your stupor. “They” demand blind obedience, and extract it by creating fear, fear of others, fear of sickness and death, fear of want of food and shelter, fear of non-conformists who are depicted as terrorists, fear of white people as oppressors … fear of the radiation zone!

What do you have to lose? Why don’t you take a walk on the wild side, investigate these crazies, see for yourself if what they are saying is true or not. Be the “open-minded” person you see yourself as. Of course, be careful, do your due diligence. Nearly all are well meaning, but remember Freedom Rule Number 1: One must always think for one’s self. Unfortunately, among them are also agent provocateurs sent by the system to steal the narrative and do damage to the truth. I can tell you I personally have been to your radiation zones. If you want the truth, it’s a better place to start than the sewage “they” are feeding you.

If you really want to “see” the truth then go to the ultimate source, the Word of God. Go with an open heart and humbled by your imperfection before your Creator. He will lift you up and remove the scales from your eyes. DO NOT take for granted what is said by anyone who says they are a Christian, check the Scriptures to see if what they are saying is true. In this way no will be able to lead you astray, that is, no one but yourself!

Now these were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, examining the scriptures daily, whether these things were so. Acts 17:11

From Outside Babylon