Nowhere in the Holy Bible does it call Christians, or Jews, to be “world changers”. Yes, it can be argued that it is implied via selected scripture in the gospels, such as making disciples of all nations. In the desire to fulfill that motivation is precisely where Judaism and Christianity have taken a wrong turn.

Of equal, if not greater, argument is this world would look radically different from the world we currently live in had true adherents pursued the above motivation by actually living in obedience to God via their personal daily lives. That is the turn we missed.

In the wrong turn we see a strong and growing collective nature to the “faith” of adherents. In other words, there is a non-biblical, or man-made structure, we call “organized religion”. We collectivized individual adherents into a structured effort at winning the world over to discipleship in Christ!

In the right turn scenario we look to the Scriptures again and we see not a collective structure, but a person by person relationship with Almighty God, and with each other. Each person answerable directly to God for their words, thoughts and actions. Yes, we see such individuals instructed to come together to build each other up in the faith. But, rather than a structured organization complete with hierarchy and efforts to conform all to man’s interpretations, we see instead individuals selected by God to perform certain tasks and exercise spiritual gifts for the benefit of other believers. Each person equal, yet uniquely made, important and with genuine purpose to serve the rest of the body. No person above the others, no head, but Jesus.

It is true that in Judaism they must submit to the law of Moses, it is equally true that this law was given to them directly by God. The Levites were not intended as a hierarchy, but as an example of holiness. Their purpose is to be servants of both God and the individual, in intercessory work, not as a ruling elitist class over a people. Likewise, Christians, being a royal priesthood, a holy nation, are also to be servants of both God and the individual.

In Christianity we have the Church at Pentecost, and various instruction via letters to the churches throughout the world. In these we see the focus of service to God and each other. The elders (and pastors) are not authorized by God to lord it over others, but to maintain the integrity of the gospel within their fellowship. The fellowships themselves are not depicted as organized collectives of believers gathered together to change their part of the world, but to edify, or build each other up in the faith, so that each will stand firm to the end in order to be saved.

In the collective, wrong turn model Christians and Jews have done a great deal of damage to the integrity of the faith. The world of today still does not look like the believers, there is no perceptive change of the world towards holiness seen in history, things have only become less holy, not more. Instead the “adherents” look no different than the fallen world.

Had the adherents taken the right turn and encouraged each other in daily fellowship to walk on the narrow road, to seek out the narrow gate, no matter what others in their fellowship were doing, then the Church and her Jewish brethren would stand out as distinctive in the world. They would be shining lights of hope. They wouldn’t be world changers, they would be life savers! This is how the early Church operated, and their faith spread like wild fire in the Roman Empire and beyond, one person at a time, living in obvious obedience and faith in their loving God. This is how Israel, when obedient to her true king, God Almighty, drew the attention of nations far and near to her holiness, and her close relationship with a God that personally intervened for her.

Neither going to church, as the world calls it, or attending synagogue wins you any favor in God’s kingdom. What you do to love others, on an individual person to person level, is what makes your light shine in the darkness. If the the organized “faiths” abandoned their man-made organizations, and practiced and lived the lives of holiness God expects, then we too, like our brethren of long ago, would not only become life savers, but by living out our lives of faith on an individual basis we would become world changers too!

We have been following the wrong recipe! Jesus told us that wherever two or more are gathered together in His name, there He is also. That is the true church. We only gather together to serve each other, so that we can then go out into a dark world and shine brightly.

From Outside Babylon