Christians live a life, if walked as Jesus walked, that is generally always under attack. Let’s face it, if you live serving a master who generally requires us to live opposite of what the world desires you are going to have quite a bit of friction.

The conflict between the the Church and the World has always been with us, but the lines have always been more-or-less clearly drawn. In the United States, Europe, Russia, etc, the “church”, or in many cases what claims to be the body of Christ, has enjoyed considerably less pressure from the world than in most other places. In fact, Christianity became the cultural foundation for many great nations. In these nations you were practically expected to be a believer, and their values were the cultural norm.

In those societies people generally prospered, and called it blessing. They became accustomed to having plenty, and expected that their lives would be lives of comfort. These Christians were at the helm of industry, science, finance, education and government. Those who were not believers still lived by the values of the christian culture, and one would be hard pressed to be able to discern a believer from a nonbeliever.

The question begs: Were they really Christian nations, and were the people who lived by such standards really Christians? Or did they evolve Christianity from followers of Christ into a religion, and finally into an ideology? Let’s face it, today’s Christianity looks nothing like the Bible, or what earlier followers lived by. In the USA, for example, Christianity evolved into Americanism. Although they call themselves Christians, its adherents are devoted to American “ideals”.

In the nations Christians have inherited we are witnessing what many are calling a “post-christian” society. How did this happen? How did nations of Christian people who considered themselves blessed by God ,as evidenced by their material advancements and prosperity, find themselves down the road trying to save and revive their former glory? Or was it glory?

Perhaps the lifelong pursuit of comfort, as the world defines it, was what destroyed the presence of Christ in these nations. King Jesus told us to forsake everything and follow Him in order to enter His kingdom. His word tells us that if we do not walk as He walked then the truth is not in us, that we are only thieves and liars. Jesus didn’t pursue comfort, God’s only begotten son did not have a place to lie his head! Remember, God rains on the fields of the righteous and the wicked alike, and blesses whom He chooses to bless. Consider that much of what the world considers blessing will be held against them. God is a jealous God, nothing had better come between Him and us, how much more wealth, possessions and comfort!

Even though the Bible clearly tells us to not follow the desires of the flesh, our fallen nature, far too many pulpits ring with calls to activism. Today’s pastors and priests are telling their fellow believers to get involved in every aspect of their culture and win it back for Christ. They are told they must act now to save their way of life. When and where did Jesus tell us to do such things? Jesus clearly tells us that he who tries to save his life will loose it, and he who looses his life for Christ’s sake will find it. He is speaking of a worldly life. You could correctly take that to mean your “lifestyle” in the USA, in France, or Russia.

True believers had better heed the true Word of God! This is not your fight! The fallen state of the world and its soon demise was prophesied long ago. The world reign of the fallen nature of man will soon meet its appointed end, and there is not a single thing you can do about it. To try is to act in vain, to act against God! As a believer before God’s throne on judgment day you will not answer for the world and its fallen ways, unless of course you have contributed to it. You will answer for yourself and those God has put in your charge, if any. For example, if you are a father then you will answer for everyone in your family who lives with you. Jesus told us that He is coming soon and His reward is with Him. He *will give to each according to what he has done*. This does not mean running for political office. It does not mean forcing people to live righteous lives when we obviously fail at it ourselves. It doesn’t mean trying to save a culture that has prostituted itself with the world. You have one responsibility, and that is to answer your master’s call in every aspect of your own life. It is not to adapt to the world, to become like it, in order to win it over to Christ. That is lame twisting of scripture to justify living in worldly comfort. As the Industrial Age advanced many of our “christian” forefathers sold out a life in Christ for the temptations of a fallen world. Worse, they did it in the name of Christ! And without shame continued calling on His name even though they did repent of their ways, but justified them as blessings from God.

What is there to save? God calls what you are trying to save a “harlot”. If you fight to save the harlot then you will suffer the same fate as the harlot. Let the world fight itself. We must live as Christ so as somehow to attain the resurrection and dwell in the God’s righteous kingdom. It’s not your fight, and they cannot possibly win. Your fight is to walk as Jesus walked. Only those who do so will enter the kingdom.

The Word of God tells us to *find something for our hands to do and mind our own business.*

From Outside Babylon