There are only three choices before us regarding the world of our time. You can only choose one, but you WILL decide which path your life will take, these times will force the decision on all of us.

1) You will submit to the “build back better” program of the New World Order (NWO) for any number of reasons that fear dictates in a man’s heart. Oh sure, you will consider yourself savvy, you will be shrewd and adapt to the change, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”, nevertheless you will submit to everything and your life will be dictated down to the finest detail.

2) You will fight the flood of change that increasingly threatens your way of life, your cultural expectations, the future of your children and grandchildren. Your battles will be feeble at first, perhaps a little local social activism, increased “church” involvement and grumbling in solidarity with the like-minded. You will place all of your hopes in stopping the “craziness” befalling the world by expecting big wins for your candidates in the next elections. If you haven’t given up hope when all these efforts fall short by joining those submitting to the NWO, then you will have only one choice left, you will turn to the sword. You will join those who are still standing for what you have helped build and believe in, and you will fight.

3) You won’t submit to the NWO, but you also won’t support the world order they are replacing, Your choice will be one of non-participation. You will not support efforts in either direction, and you understand that radical “fringe” efforts to build a better world will, as always, be marginalized and dissolved in the minds of the hypnotized masses controlled by the powers that be. This leaves you alone. You slowly realize that you are on the outside looking in on insanity and begin taking steps to minimize the effects on your life by factions at war for control of the world.

Rather a scary set of choices, aren’t they? Perhaps it could be argued that a fourth choice would be those who practice denial of reality. They just won’t get involved, someone will fix it, they always have. I call these people the “better tomorrow people’. But in reality they will be lumped into one of the other three boxes based largely on their lifestyle choices, you will know them by their fruit.

In box #1 you will become an absolute slave, willingly, in order to gain the cradle-to-grave care promised by their system. In reality it will look more like the relationship between slaves and owners in the antebellum South than Brave New World slaves. In the antebellum South many slaves were devoted and loyal to their masters, because the master took reasonable care of his investments. In doing so the slaves became dependent on their masters for everything since most lacked the ability, or circumstances, to provide for themselves. Their loyalty was born from fear of the alternative. If you are a true believing zealot then you see NWO system as the Savior of mankind and planet earth. Every problem solved by humanity as the system evolves into Utopia . . . on the backs of many for the privileged few. And so, history continues to repeat itself.

In box #2 You are already a slave. You have exchanged your freedom for a pampered lifestyle, gluttonous and lustful. You are trying to save your wealth, your material possessions, and your “liberty” to spend anywhere, anytime on anything you want. You see the present system as the best way to live such a life, and see no appeal in the NWO. You are a slave, because in order to protect your way of life you are willing to submit to increasingly onerous meddling into your life, and the moral erosion of the culture. This meddling has steadily chipped away at the foundations of what you believe in for so many decades that it is scarcely recognizable from its original intent. In this way you are more like Brave New World slaves than the antebellum southern slaves. Every value you have capitulated on has become the moral high ground of those who are taking it away from you! In the end you will fight, and you will die. Yes, there are some who feel it is worth dying for principles laid down by founders long ago. But, you will be fighting for a system that has prostituted itself. You will be fighting for ideals that are no longer lived by. Right is no longer on your side. You do not even realize that your culture has transitioned from a people individually free, but collaborative for the benefit of all, to a mind-numbing collective nation alien to its foundational beliefs. God has decreed these times and no amount of bloodshed will change the appointed times.

In box #3 you have either jumped ship or are seriously considering doing so. You know that the only way, apart from citizenship in Heaven, to change the world would be for everyone to be a self-governing non-participant. But you also know that most won’t, and due to the nasty moral character of humanity it cannot govern itself. Sadly, the United States has become the latest, and greatest, example of this. No one is good, all fall short of the glory of God. But you get it, you understand what freedom is and the price to be paid to obtain it, and keep it, and to you it’s worth it. You have counted the cost when weighed against your other choices. The sacrifices are worth paying to obtain what the others have left on the table, their true freedom. Successful change always begins and ends with the individual. And this regardless of man’s efforts to govern himself righteously.

As I have written before, you will serve someone. We are all slaves. The only freedom of choice we have is to choose whom we will serve. Only one choice leads to true and eternal freedom. He is waiting for your decision.

From Outside Babylon