The Babylon described in John’s revelation from God was not recognizable compared to the dead city of John’s time. Even now Babylon, prophesied never to rise again, sits as an unfinished archaeological excavation intended by the late Saddam Hussein to have become a world class tourist attraction in present day Iraq.

By John’s time Babylon was a cryptic identity for the seat of power of the then ruling Roman Empire. Throughout Christianity’s existence this cryptic usage has been used for succeeding seats of power of their day.

The “mystery” in the Mystery Babylon shown to John was that it was in an unknown land and time. Through the last 2000-years Christian’s have viewed various seats of power as the possible mystery city, but until now no city has ever been able to fulfill this crucial piece of the end-times puzzle.

This mystery city must hold sway and power over the entire world, leaving no nation or people completely untouched. It must be a seat of political power for the world. It must be, and represents, unimaginable wealth. It holds together and influences the economy of the entire planet.

This all powerful city has its hands in literally everything going on everywhere. It is a place where wealth, riches and power are gods that nothing is too scared to sacrifice to in satisfying its religion of greed.

A city that knows no shame, proudly flaunting her wiles before a desirous world. She is known as a prostitute since through her everything can be bought and sold.

At her zenith her oppressive power will become too great for those who covet her wealth and power. They will seek to throw off her chains. Her end will come brutally swift, and without mercy, just as her ancient namesake.

Kings and emperors are nothing without their kingdoms and empires, and the same is true of them, for without kings and emperors they would no longer be held together. Like the city state of ancient Babylon was synonymous with her empire, speaking of one was to speak of both, so too Mystery Babylon is synonymous with her empire. Her empire, like those empires of old, is first her homelands, and then all who are held in alliance with her, her vassal states. Together they present the indomitable force of their time.

Who is this mystery power of the world? I present to you: NEW YORK CITY. NYC is the seat of world government, the United Nations. NYC is the economic and true power capital of the United States, her homeland. Her financial markets are second to none in wealth. Her people, her corporations, her merchants trade in everything imaginable. Her ports are some of the largest and busiest in the world.

Every ship that enters New York Harbor from the ocean must first pass by the very nearby suburban cities of Babylon and West Babylon!

The world that does not comply with her wishes is sanctioned by her world dominating financial system. Through her the non-compliant are brow beaten or forced to change through threat and political intrigue, her vassal nations rarely ever breaking ranks. If you still don’t bend she will make you bend with her powerful military and coalitions of “willing” nations. Every empire has a capital, the political capital of the USA is Washington, but her master is NYC, as is NATO’s and scores of other “strategic” allies.

Have you ever wondered why NYC is the favorite target of terrorists and Hollywood movies alike? When NYC (Mystery Babylon) falls then so will her empire. Then the beast that she rode astride in a dominating posture will fill the power vacuum. In turn, the beast and his kingdom will be crushed by the coming of the Kingdom of God.

From Outside Babylon