Our lives are extremely simple regarding the demands placed on us, at least as compared to life in the world system. We pay only one monthly bill, and we only have that solitary bill so that I may share these blogs in hope of helping others as we see the Day approaching.

No bills, electric is via simple solar and we cook over rocket stoves using twigs and small sticks. We do not use banks, ever! We use only cash and barter. We consider money as a barter tool. As long as people want this paper we trade it to them for what we need. For example, we trade labor and skills for the paper other people want, can’t get much simpler. We purchase our food with the paper the grocery store wants. We supplement our food with hunting, fishing and gathering wild edibles. When we want to go somewhere there are plenty of people who will trade a ride in exchange for our paper.

We enjoy walking to towns to purchase food or offer work. Our healthcare consists of maximizing our health knowledge and medical skills. This way we know how to watch and nurture our health carefully. When we suffer an ailment we can doctor ourselves. From pulling teeth to stitches to sickness we have overcome all in our faith in the great healer. What would we do if we are faced with a life threatening situation? Prayer first, last and always. We tend to the person with complete faith that God will heal them or take them to wait for the resurrection. We are not afraid of death, Jesus overcame death for us. We are much more afraid of the world’s medical system!

We do not have a house, at least not as most conceive housing in a “McMansion” focused world. We are semi-nomadic. We stay as long or as short as we sense the Spirit will allow, and then move on. Never worrying, content in the knowledge that God will provide our next place of rest, He has never failed us. Moving our possessions is not a problem. We have so little it isn’t worth fussing over, and beats renting a moving truck!

Our time is abundant, but we are never bored. We fill it tending to our daily needs and improving things. We practice critical thinking and resourcefulness. By doing so we daily increase our skills. Our increased skills, combined with very few needs, allow us to make almost everything necessary. For example, we have bee keeping skills. When we have found wild bee colonies we immediately set out scavenging junk, cast-offs and natural materials and from them build top-bar bee hives. It improves the lives of the bee colonies and adds deliciously to our diet!

Many in the world call what we are doing living“off grid”. We disagree. We have no connections to the “grid”, nor do we desire it or find it necessary. We are outside the system, living a life completely separate from it. We trade with those in the system, but are completely independent of it. This is only possible if your life is built on a firm foundation. We are not free from a system, we serve God’s system, His kingdom is the foundation we build our lives on. His burden on us is easy and His yoke is light. Those in the system have built their lives on the world system’s foundation. God’s is built on rock. The world’s on sand. Even if one goes off grid and is completely independent of the system, they will eventually return to the system for at least some elements of support, and the comforts the system offers. In the world system you will have to deal with the leverage applied to you by a system that doesn't want you to leave. Our own desires work against us in this, craving what the world has monopolized for itself. Without membership you cannot get the perks. For example, in the movie Elysium, the wounded “hero” seeks help from his childhood girlfriend, she’s a nurse. The first thing she tells him is that he can’t get care unless he is in the system. It is absolutely crucial to establish whatever you do on a firm foundation or it will eventually fail. You must serve something bigger than self. Choose this day whom you will serve.

Now before you say you can’t do this, remember, we are doing this in faith. We do not rely solely on our skills for anything. If you trust God and ask Him He will fulfill your faith and take care of you, we see clear evidence of this every single day! If you ask Him for wisdom He will give it to you. His wisdom imparts understanding. Understanding is the foundation of skill!

Your life outside the system would look very similar to ours, and yet very different too. For that matter, I don’t believe anybody living in the Kingdom will be mistaken for another. God has truly made each one of us unique, and we get to live unique lives in Him. The world on the other hand, more and more looks like a Model-T Ford. Henry Ford, when asked what colors the Model-T could be had in replied, to paraphrase, “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.” For the over sensitive among us, I am not making a racial statement. I am implying that the collective mentality of the world system has made everyone more homogeneous rather than independent and free.

We have willingly chosen not to stay in Babylon, but to follow Jesus. Our focus is the Kingdom of Heaven where we find our citizenship. Your life doesn’t have to be this way, life outside is good and the living waters sweet. Come out of the world system so that you do not share in her sins, or her punishment.

From Outside Babylon