Things are only going to get worse and worse until Christ comes to reign over the world. We too will undergo trials, we expect them, but we see them as purification, and as an expansion of our understanding, and as opportunity to deepen our faith in preparation for our Savior’s return.

Life outside the world system adds immensely to the clarity we have from the Holy Spirit and God’s Word. Since we are outside the system, and having no conflict of interest, we watch the system closely, and are able to develop very objective and unbiased views. We understand the politics, the manipulations, the lies and deceitfulness of everything in the world system.

Our everyday lives always take into consideration: 1) God’s will, 2)Prayerful consideration of, and obedience to, the Word (Jesus Christ & His truth in the Bible), 3) Events on a global, national and local level, 4) Any pressing needs.

To elaborate further:

1) “God’s will” is a vague term to most people. But for us it can get very specific. The Holy Spirit guides us and “suggests” certain directions. If we begin to deviate from following His guidance our conscience allows us little peace until we concede. Of course, obedience has always turned out to be the right decision, whereas, forcing another direction doesn’t usually turn out so good. It isn’t that God can’t or won’t use our rebellious decisions, He will, but there is often little blessing in getting our own way. The most important aspect of following Jesus is to lay down your free-will in subservience to God’s will. Your free-will is really the only thing that is truly yours. To offer it freely to God is the toughest thing you will ever do, and by far the most rewarding!

2) Whatever is going on for the day we must never find ourselves in a position contrary to God’s Word. Jesus is the King, and we were bought by Him with His blood. He rules, period!

3) As I said earlier, we watch the system closely. In doing so our main focus is to stay out of the way of the world. If everybody is running one way, we tend to go the other way. One of the most astonishing things one can see when comparing the world system with God’s kingdom is how much they are opposite of each other. If God says to do something, the world is there to tell us not to. If God says not to do something, the world gives you free license. The Word does tell us that the wisdom of the world has been made foolish by the message of the cross. Notice that both “kingdoms” are telling us what and what not to do. The main difference is that God loves us and considers us His children, He is guiding us in righteousness. The world doesn’t understand love, it views all things through the lens of pride. God gives us immense freedom. Aside from God’s comparatively few commands (compared to the world’s laws numbering in the tens-of-thousands) and obvious sin all things are permissible, although sometimes that is not so beneficial, hence we consistently observe #’s 1 & 2 above. We make decisions this way in order that we may not interfere with the doings of the world, and the world does not interfere with our doings. We are cooperative when possible with the world, in order to avoid offending them. The Word tells us to mind our own business and find something for our hands to do, so that’s what we try to do, all day – every day.

4) Exercising such fruits of the Spirit as love, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control, along with treating others as we want to be treated, defines our relations with everyone, whether you are in the Kingdom or in the world system.

Things many of you are hoping I will talk about, like how we deal with money, food, transportation, communication, healthcare and so on, I will try to elaborate on in Part 4, but will necessarily be careful in how much I divulge.

From Outside Babylon