The moment we took the steps of faith required by our king our lives changed dramatically! Leaving Babylon has been a work in progress since I first answered the call of Jesus Christ, over thirty-years ago, and became a Christian.

The process is ongoing because I am, like all true believers, in a constant state of transformation by the renewing of my mind. We can only change at the rate of understanding we possess at any given time.

Back in 2014 my understanding of what God required took a big leap forward. After discussion and much prayer we stepped outside and proceeded to burn our system credentials, the documents and papers the system requires us to have and use to function in a life they define for us. By burning these papers we were declaring, BY OUR ACTIONS, that we were taking a one-way-road and were severing our dependency on the world as our master, and entering a deeper faith in God. We burned drivers licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, anything that the system required as essential. We solemnly took upon ourselves new names, names that represented our rebirth into God’s kingdom and the dying of self and the world system in our lives. To call this a freeing experience would be an understatement indeed!

As we continued along the straight and narrow path our understanding grew. Prior to 2014 we had already been willing to walk away from our house, vehicles and possessions if the system wanted to utilize them as leverage between us and the Kingdom. Now we began to take the steps to eliminate any residual hold they might have over our lives. We had already unregistered our vehicle with the system, but now we stopped driving altogether. We stopped taking oaths or swearing, our yes means yes, and our no means no.

We left future social security, pensions, anything that required us to go to the system rather than to God. We determined to owe the world nothing, but the debt of love. We have not taken a single penny of the COVID Stimulus money given away by the US government. Truly, nothing is free in this world, a realization that will soon come home to roost in the lives of most people.

Eventually we sold off and gave-away almost everything. We became like Jesus, we too had no place to lie our heads. But strange things were happening. The more we discarded the old self and its dependencies on the system, the more we saw the hand of God in our lives, filling in the vacuum created when we left. Now God was taking care of us, giving us immense peace and real freedom. Not the “patriotic” brainwashing of a pseudo-freedom repeated by the world like some kind of religious mantra, but real palpable freedom.

Now I’m not saying it isn’t difficult, it is. I’m not trying to sugarcoat anything, but the only problems we ever had originated when our flesh wanted to hold onto a piece of its former life in the world. But, even though the flesh suffered some initial separation anxiety, it was overwhelmed by the rewards promised and received from our King. The spirit prevailed over the flesh, and far easier than expected too, thanks be to God! In other words, the only difficulties that have arisen were those in our heads, but by faith we became more than conquerors! Life in faith has become our total reality! Living a life of pure faith is an unbelievable experience, one that money truly cannot buy. We have never come close to such a fulfilling life as we are having now.

The trials of 2020 and 2021 have had almost no effect on our lives. We didn’t just survive, we thrived just as Jesus promised us when He said he came that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.

In Part 3 of the four-part LIFE OUTSIDE series, I would like to show you some of the ways we experience life outside. Naturally this will have to be a generalized approach in order to protect our privacy, and not draw unnecessary attention to ourselves. Years ago we decided to err-on the-side-of-caution. Following the guidance of the Holy Spirit we decided to be careful what we share through digital mediums. We do not identify ourselves online, nor do we participate on Twitter, Facebook and the like. We appreciate your understanding. Whenever I cross paths with other believers I usually share much more and help those interested in leaving Babylon. We have helped others leave, maybe God will cross our paths some time, start praying.

From Outside Babylon