“SOMEBODY MUST DO SOMETHING!” In some fashion or form we are hearing, and ourselves saying, that somebody has to do something. What is something? Just fill in the blank with your favorite cause, your most troubling fears or your most threatened desires.

Who is “somebody”? The vast majority of humanity would replace “somebody” with the government. Deeper still, on a whole different personal level, conscious or subconscious, we long for a “Neo”, or the “Lone Ranger”, “Tarzan”, nearly any role played by “John Wayne”, “Luke Skywalker”, “Superman”, Marvel superheros, and so on. We are looking for somebody with superhuman ability, fortitude and determination to save us from the spiraling descent into deadly chaos man has traveled since time began. In short, we want a savior to come and fix whatever humans cannot fix.

Everything man touches, no matter how noble his intentions, no matter how prudent his safeguards, no matter the cunning of our brightest minds, turns to ash. Everything we do will eventually fail. Why? There is no one who is good, no one who is righteous, all fall short of the glory of God. Our nature, bequeathed to us by our parental ancestors, Adam and Eve, is a nature that is corrupt at its core. Just as a perfect computer outwardly, will fail to live up to its potential if its operating system is corrupted by error, so is humanity, made in God’s image, corrupted by an operating system prone to sin.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, by eating the forbidden fruit, they acquired by good intention, the ability to know good and evil. They wanted to be like their Father, but by acquiring such knowledge via disobedience they gained a corrupted knowledge, rather than a pure knowledge like God’s. This knowledge is what we call the conscience. We know what is evil, and we know the good we ought to do, but we tend to be drawn to the corrupt part of our nature. The more we satisfy what is corrupt in us the further away we move from what is pure. Worse, any deliberate satisfying of corruption, what we call “desire”, has the same debilitating effect on us, whether it be murder, or a lie. The more we attempt to satisfy, the more we feel burdened by the pure side of our conscience, the knowledge of good. Before long we begin to desire the destruction of our conscience because of the stumbling block to our gratification called “guilt”.

God gave us the key to turning off the guilt-warning in our operating system. It is called repentance, to sorrowfully despise the wrong we have done. That is step one. Step two is to accept God’s payment on our behalf for the deliberate disobedience we have lived in. This payment was the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, by it our guilt is washed away and it is now possible to resist desire and live in purity. When we accept this forgiveness we acknowledge we do not belong to ourselves and the world any longer, we are not our own, we were bought at a price. We now serve a king of righteousness. His burden on us is very light compared to the world’s demands. He asks us to live in the same love for others as He has, to live humble, repentant, obedient lives as He demonstrated for us.

When you have done so you have become one with the purest and greatest superhero. The world has stolen the image of the Savior and has remade it into their own image. In their movie images they have defamed, corrupted, perverted and prostituted Him. Unlike the constructs of their imagination this savior is real, and they know it. Jesus Christ, much like some good people before the American Civil War who bought slaves from their masters with the intent of setting them free, has bought the willing to set them free from the law of sin and death in their conscience. Those He set free are now individuals with supernatural powers. I’m not talking some hokey voodoo type stuff, I’m referring to the power to consistently overcome evil with good! When empowered in this manner their lives undergo a transformation. They gain eyes to see and ears to hear, they attain the wisdom of God and the mind of Christ, they gain what Adam and Eve sought. Don’t be fooled by the hypocritical church-goers, you won’t see change there. This kind of change is found in the individual, not in the corporate or the collective. The changed life stands out in the world, it is radically different. It is no longer subject to sin, desire and the will of the world. It is free, and that freedom is the superhero “doing something”. They have done what nobody else can do, they have broken away from their corruption, they have become holy as God is holy! And now they hold the keys to setting others free.

The world has never provided any real heroes of change for the sake of good, other than the fabricated lives and deeds of pseudo-historical figures. If they had then where is our NEO victory (3rd Matrix)? The world never will produce a single hero that will do something to fix anything, it is going to get worse, a lot worse. Change is one individual life at a time. The world cannot be repaired, so King Jesus will return to do something humanity cannot. He will establish a kingdom of righteousness. The victory has already been achieved, you just have to be willing to submit to it.

From Outside Babylon