Events in the world scare the hell out of people, thoughts of leaving the world scares the hell back in.

Separating from anything in life is difficult. Even leaving a job you don’t like is often accompanied by uncomfortable feelings, just imagine what thinking about leaving the worldly system of your enslavement would do for your separation anxieties? Of course, it doesn’t make sense to a rational mind. After all, things are getting so crazy and tense who would want to stick around, right? Sadly, such thoughts are foundational for the rapidly increasing suicide rate. These suicides, seemingly irrational to the living, come from efforts to rationalize a world that has gone bonkers, at least their part of it. That is not insanity. Unfortunately when weighed out in their reasoning they felt that leaving this life was an easier, or better, solution than leaving the world system, as seen from whatever perspective they perceived their troubles. Ironically, for the multitudes, this life is synonymous with the worldly system, to leave one is to leave the other. In almost all cases the reason to check out of living was tied directly, or indirectly, to circumstances and thinking ultimately generated by participating in the worldly-system.

What stopped these otherwise rational people from just exiting the system and living a life of peace, free and self-responsible, beholden to no other humans apart from personal choice? The answer can be captured in the old proverb, “How do you eat and elephant?” The thought is overwhelming to most people. Our lives, since birth, are intentionally intertwined with the fabricated system of this world. The entry point is via the customs and culture of our parents, and their sincere desire to give their children a chance to “get ahead in life”. Upon birth we are named, bled, foot-printed, numbered, cataloged, and pharmaceuticalized. As soon as we begin to cognitively comprehend the world, we are indoctrinated into what, and how, a little human is supposed to act. In an incredibly short time after birth we are sent off to the education system to pack our little heads with everything needed to be a functioning cog in the wheels of the system. Finally, the education system, and our families, launch us out into the world to live life according to formulas (ideologies) concocted by people, whom we are led to believe, have figured out all the secrets to success, and its definition. I’m not vilifying the necessities of raising children to “make it” in this world. The problem is “who” is deciding such fundamental aspects of life as “what” is right, wrong, beneficial or dangerous, and “how” we are to address them and “where” we should be headed? It would seem that our parents should be our protectors, but perhaps they are unknowingly, or knowingly, spouting the “the party line”, same as everyone else.

To live together on this planet we do need to understand basic rules of human interaction. For most of us these are learned, for better or worse, from our parents, the education system, and each other. Apart from the basics the rest is choice, desires and preferences. When we join in community with others we do so because we see they share the same desires and preferences, and so we agree to live with each other by those standards.

The problem for all humanity is that wherever humans congregate there are always individuals that seek to organize such groupings for their own purposes. These people are typically visionaries, able to see the power of unified humanity to rise above challenges for a better tomorrow, or so they would have you believe. In such an environment the individual will eventually be viewed as subversive to the common good. It is in the “visionary’s” interest to make sure you believe that mankind is basically good, with the exception of only a few bad eggs. In such a frame of mind the average person trusts the stated intentions of these “leaders” to do what they say they are going to do, and their motives are for the good of all. Such a common “faith” creates a powerful force indeed.

God clearly tells us that no one is good, not one, all fall short of the glory of God. When Nimrod unified the world’s people into a collective force to forge forth with an agenda, apart from God, to make a name for themselves in the world, God was forced to separate the people by scrambling their language. If He hadn’t man would have brought the world down long ago. Mankind has madly driven to reunify, in defiance of God, ever since. The New World Order, globalism, is the culmination of thousands of years of these efforts. All human organization, no matter how noble the purpose, will eventually end badly, always causing many to suffer. Mankind has left behind him only a trail of destruction as witnessed throughout history. I might add that what presents itself as the Church of God, when organized in man’s image, rather than God’s, is also part of the problem. This understanding brings us back to what is stopping us. We are steeped in man’s organization from birth. Every facet of our existence, including the most personal, whether we admit it or not, is controlled and/or influenced by and for the organizational aspirations of the few over the many. We know nothing else, we are completely dependent on this system for literally everything. To consider simply walking away appears to be the epitome of insanity itself!

If I left how would I “do” anything? How do I eat, where do I sleep, what do I wear? It’s overwhelming, or is it? When you trust the system to provide these things for you in exchange for your submission to its desires and preferences, you are living in a faith in the system. You see no other way, and expect these things to always be there, and yet you have no way to prove that the system can or will provide them indefinitely. If you try to leave the system and depend solely on yourself for everything you would probably fail for the lack of skill, knowledge and experience. Even if you have these things you are still void of faith, a belief in what you can not see. In the system you believe your needs will be met, yet you have no ability to see the future. You may be able to build a level of confidence in yourself, but confidence is a poor substitute for faith in something greater than yourself when the chips are down, when food, clothing and shelter are hard to come by, or nonexistent.

If you separate from the world as a Christian you are acting in obedience to God, which means this is no longer about you. You are departing the system not only with a faith that you will be taken care of, but faith is of more importance than your needs. God has given us brains. We are to use them in the effort to do good. Feeding yourself, finding shelter and clothing are good things. God tells us to seek His kingdom and these things will be added to us. God brings our attention to something seemingly too small for a great God to be concerned with, He tells us to consider the sparrows, who are fed even though they are of less importance than we are. Our faith tells us that God will do this. No, we cannot see the future either, other than what we are shown. Nevertheless, we believe that they are provided for, so we step in faith to acquire them all the while keeping our focus not on our needs, but on our King’s desires. Such a faith is pure and selfless, and when understood, makes the departure from a false faith to a pure faith an easy transition. Sure, our insecurities will wreak havoc on us, because we have not yet built in the “muscle memory” of experience, but that will come in time, and much quicker than you might think. The problems are largely just psychological in nature, which in Christian parlance is to say that the “flesh” sometimes gets in the way when our thoughts deviate from the Kingdom.

The answer to eating that proverbial elephant, is one bite at a time. It starts with the first bite, followed by the next and then the next and so on. After some time you give it little thought as you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, and the old ways of the flesh become distant and repugnant to you. You are trading the old life for the new life piece by piece as you become aware of the need. This transformation is the fruit of seeking oneness with God the Father, just as Jesus wanted for us. We are not just leaving the world behind, but ourselves as well. Our identity is no longer associated with the world, but with God, who knows how to take care of His own.

Leaving sounds like a massive jump into the unknown, but it is only the first few steps that seem that way as you start really living for the first time. Leaving is many steps done singularly and in small bunches over time. The more you trust the more freedom you will enjoy. Freedom is the fruit of your faith in God that He will keep His promises. The more you become like Christ, the less you will be like your old self. As children we begin walking by stumbling. Through perseverance stumbling leads to determined mindful steps until one day we walk with little to no effort, or even the mindfulness of doing so. That is how we leave the world of darkness and enter the Kingdom of Light. It all starts with baby steps, don’t worry, Daddy will catch you!

From Outside Babylon